What Is An Episcopal Church Service Like?

Worshipping at Peace Episcopal Church is an intimate experience.  We are a small mission church.    Our worship service is every Sunday at 9:15 a.m.  Peace Episcopal Church is blessed to share space with Shiloh Church, easily located at 23 County Road 350 West in Rockport, Indiana.  

Just like the Episcopal Faith, our members are a diverse group coming from Rockport, IN, Chrisney IN, Newburgh, IN, Owensboro, KY, and Mount Vernon, IL We are farmers, business owners and blue collar workers.  Basically, we are people from small towns and all walks of life. 

Sunday Services are fairly casual and it is perfectly acceptable to wear jeans and shorts to church.  Services are brief and we usually have snacks after service.  We like to visit and catch up from the week.We have a monthly celebration of birthdays and anniversaries where we ask God's blessings for the coming year. 

We come together for what is known as the Eucharist where we celebrate the Last Supper.  Everyone goes to the front of the church around the altar.  All baptized Christians are welcome to receive communion in the Episcopal Church.  However, if you are more comfortable, you may also wish to ask for a blessing.  Simply approach the altar and cross your hands in the shape of a cross over your chest,  The priest will offer a prayer for your blessing.   It''s also perfectly OK to remain in your seat.  We want you to be comfortable and enjoy the worship experience. 

If you have any questions, please ask.  You may email us at peacerockport@att.net or call us at 812-649-5500.